Bill & Ted Face the Music

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Two would-be rockers from San Dimas, California, are once told they'd save the universe during a time-traveling adventure, but find themselves as middle-aged dads still trying to c


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Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” is an action epic evolving from the world of international espionage.

Elvis: That's the Way It Is

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To celebrate 85 years of Elvis Presley and 50 years since the film’s original 1970 release, the King returns to cinemas – remastered - with Elvis: That’s The Way It Is, an un

100% Wolf

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Freddy Lupin, heir to a proud family line of werewolves, is in for a shock when on his 14th birthday his first 'warfing' goes awry, turning him into a ferocious poodle. The pack el


We've missed you!


As we begin to settle back in to doing the things we love, the WTW & Scott Cinema Group has been hard at work making sure our venues are even safer so that you can continue to enjoy new movies with a captivated audience. These procedures have been developed in line with Goverment guidance. When visiting the cinema, things may work a little differently for now - here’s some of the core new policies and procedures you can expect to find when you visit us...

Booking & Payments

    Book in advance.
    With screens operating to a very reduced capacity, we strongly recommend booking in advance. You can book tickets right here on the website, or over the telephone during operational hours (cinema numbers listed on the Contact page). To aid with this, we have temporarily reduced our booking fees to 40p per ticket up to a maximum of £1.60, or 80p for Family group tickets. You can also book in person at the cinema but please be aware that if a performance is seating when you arrive to purchase your tickets, you will need to wait in the queue with other customers. If booking over the telephone, please remember that our cinema teams priority is to take care of customers in the building before they answer the phone. All tickets booked in advance are e-tickets - you can take your booking collection code (on paper or mobile) straight to the screen and you don't need to pick up your tickets at the counter.

    In cinema, use contactless payments when possible.
    We accept Contactless payments up to £45 when paying by credit or debit card, and we also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you do not have Contactless, the next preferable method is credit or debit card, and PIN pads will be sanitised after each transaction.

    If you are unwell and can't make your showtime, please don't visit the cinema.
    We ask that if you develop any symptoms related to Covid-19, that you do not come to the cinema. You can simply send us a message via the Contact page of the website, and someone will give you a call to discuss your options. Although we appreciate that things change quickly, please do try to give us advance notice if you are unable to make it..

    Refunds for cancelled Event Cinema performances.
    If you hold tickets for any Event Cinema performance that has been cancelled: If you paid by cash, please visit the cinema during open hours and our team will be happy to sort out your refund either in cash, or to a Gift Card if you do not wish to handle cash. If you paid by card, our cinema teams have been working through all refunds and will continue to do so once they return to work from June 29th - please expect our call.

Watching a Film

    All Screens are operating to reduced capacity.
    To comply with physical distancing requirements, all of our screens will only operate with up to 35% of it's physical capacity.

    Grouping and placement of seats. 
    We are operating a dynamic seating policy to aid with distancing. This means that only alternate rows within the screen are in use. When you book tickets online, the system automatically blocks off seats to the side of you, so that no one else will be sat next to you. 

    You may be asked to leave via an alternative exit.
    To aid with the flow of customers in and out of the building, at the end of the performance we may ask you to leave via a fire or alternative exit. Please listen for staff announcements, and follow on-screen instructions where given. If you need to visit the toilet before leaving, you will be given the opportunity to do so. Please don't rush to leave - let others in the row exit ahead of you.

    The pre-show may run a little longer than you are used to.
    To allow every customer to take their seats, the pre-show before the film may on occasion last for longer than usual. This is to allow our staff to process all transactions and get everyone seated before the film starts.

    Please don't go back for food and drink once you have taken your seats.
    Because we are operating one physically distanced queue for all sales, you may not be able to reach the retail counter again - other screens will be seating while you're watching a film. The toilets are available to use as normal.

    Showtimes are staggered, and cleaning periods extended.
    To comply with physical distancing requirements, showtimes will be staggered so that no two screens are seating at the same time. We've also added extra turnaround time between performances so our teams can sanitise all seats in the screen.

Snacks and Drinks

    Some products may be unavailable.
    Whilst we expect to offer close to our full range of cinema snacks and drinks, some products may not be available. These include Pick n Mix, draught alcohol and self-serve items in some cinemas. In Exmouth, scooped ice cream will not be available.

    Sugar, milk and straws will not be available as self serve - staff will hand you these items with hot and cold drinks purchases.

    Alcohol policy.
    Only one alcoholic drink is permitted to be served to each customer. In additional, large (700ml) bottles of wine will be unavailable, as will draught beer and cider.

    Please purchase your snacks before you take your seats.
    Because we are operating one physically distanced queue for all sales, you may not be able to reach the retail counter again - other screens will be seating while you're watching a film.



Hygiene & Cleanliness

    Counter Screens.
    We have installed perspex screens on all of our sales counters.

    Hand Sanitiser.
    There are multiple liquid sanitiser points around the building - please make use of them. They are positioned at entrances, at all sales counters, adjacent to toilets and in close proximity to screen entrances. Our sanitiser is formulated to WHO standards, at 80% alcohol.

    Contact Point sanitising.
    Our staff are sanitising all contact points within the cinema at regular intervals. This includes door handles, push plates, sinks and taps and so on. In addition, all plastic parts of all seats are sanitised after every performance.

    Enhanced cleaning regime.
    Whilst we already have very high standards of cleanliness, we have doubled down on our training, equipment and cleaning routines to ensure we operate in the safest possible environment.

    Our employees..
    All customer facing employees have been equipped with all the tools needed to carry out their jobs, including face coverings, visors,  gloves, their own personal hand sanitiser and their own personal care packs.